Showroom: 160 Tycos Drive, Unit 115/117, Toronto, Ontario, M6B 1W8, Canada
                              Tel: 416.236.5351 Fax: 416.234.5076 Email:

160 Tycos Exterior


    We are located in the Dufferin x Lawrence area of Toronto just 2 km. south of Yorkdale Mall at 160 Tycos Drive. Tycos Drive
     is one street parallel and north of Wingold Ave (both are south of Lawrence Ave. and run WEST off Dufferin Road).
    There is plenty of FREE PARKING. Enter the Fashion Centre through the main front doors on Tycos Drive. 
    Our two showrooms are on the ground floor and visible from the front lobby (just beyond the "Mixed Bag Lunch Cafe").
    For Google Map directions, please click on the link below.

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